How will you benefit from taking part?


As a regional and national finalist, you will be commended for the natural talents of leadership, innovation and imagination that you have demonstrated.

Your story will be told through radio, press, television and social media platforms. This includes all 96 regional finalists profiled in the national newspaper, and six part television series showcasing the national finalists. Our national awards ceremony will present new heights for the entrepreneurs when it is also broadcast on national and local television.


Through the Entrepreneur of the Year Programme, you will become a member of a unique entrepreneur business network group that has the capacity to bring about real and lasting change in Haiti. This is a platform to discuss business challenges and experiences, and realise new business opportunities. Connecting strategically is how you build strong relationships with real value. 

Executive Education

Our 24 national finalists will be given the opportunity to engage in an Executive Education Programme at a leading university in the USA. The objective of this high calibre training is to give the participants the strategic skills and expertise necessary to be able to compete on a national and international market and maintain sustainable growth, which will ultimately elevate Haiti.

Local executive education programs will also be facilitated for past regional and national finalists.

Our Partners