Finalists of Digicel Entrepreneur of the year are natural leaders; they have built businesses, which have provided jobs, contributed to the community and helped stimulate the local enocomy.


Who can enter and how?

To become the Entrepreneur of the Year, you will demonstrate  leadership, competence, transparency, vision, creativity, environmental consciousness and integrity. You will also have instilled a culture of corporate social responsibility within your organisation and, through your work practices and ethos, be committed to creating a better Haiti for all.

Entries are invited across any one of the six categories below. If your enterprise crosses several categories, choose the category that best describes your company.

  • Emerging
  • Agriculture & Environment
  • Construction
  • Education, Tourism & Culture
  • Industry
  • Services

A nominee must be the founder/owner of the business and have a full, active interest in the company. The company must be at least two years old. Entrepreneurs can be nominated by anyone, including themselves. Entries will be judged initially on a regional basis.

  • North
  • Central
  • Port-au-Prince/West
  • South

Nominations must be submitted the official entry form available to download online, at a Digicel office, or via online entry by Tuesday, 30th June, 2015.

 Please note that all information provided will be treated confidentially and viewed only by the judges.

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