Dr Evens Datus

An experienced and well-regarded gynecologist, Dr Evens Datus, found himself without a location for his professional practice when his consulting rooms were destroyed in the 2010 earthquake – leaving him without anywhere to see his patients.

At first he considered looking for a job. Then, he recalls, an entrepreneurial side he hadn’t realized he possessed kicked in and he asked himself: “Why don’t I use my abilities as a doctor and a health administration specialist to generate a job not just for myself – but for others alongside me?”

There was no answer but to go ahead, which he did. So in July 2011, with a loan and the help of some friends, he opened the doors of Complex Médical La Famille in Delmas, despite the skepticism of some medical colleagues and insurance companies.

Dr. Datus, however, was right to trust in his own abilities. Two years later, the center was offering eight specialties: obstetrics and gynecology, urology, internal medicine, ENT, dermatology, pediatrics and psychological care. Then, in 2015, it became a “family hospital”, with an operating theatre, a 10-bed emergency unit, a pharmacy, and a staff of 29. The insurance companies too have changed their minds, providing coverage at the hospital for employees of several large companies.