Dr Victor Garraud

When Victor Garraud graduated as a dentist from Université de Port-au-Prince, he had the idea that one day he would open his own dental clinic to serve the people of Jacmel. What he could not have foreseen was what a range of vital health services he would end up delivering.

Dr Garraud graduated in 2012 and did his practical training at St Michael’s Hospital in Jacmel, becoming familiar with the city and its medical requirements. That same year, he took out a loan and opened St Victor Clinique Buccodentaire, planning to focus on his dental expertise.

Fate, as is often the case, had other ideas, however. Disputes with landlords meant that the new clinic had to move premises twice. And it was as it got settled at its current address on Rue Saint Phillipe that Dr Garraud decided he should be more ambitious – and offer a wider range of medical services at reduced fees.

That’s why today, as well as dental services, Saint Victor Maison de Santé– a term it uses to distinguish itself from a hospital or a clinic – offers urological, and ear, nose, and throat expertise, a consultation clinic, a medical laboratory to expedite test results, and a pharmacy. Open from 8am to 5pm every day, it has a team of 11 – six doctors, a medical technologist, a medical receptionist, a dental assistant, an administrator, and a maintenance employee.