Edouard Michelet

Trained as an artist, Edouard Michelet, who’s worked in the past for prestigious clients such as UNESCO,  found himself confined to bed during a long illness – and realized he needed a business idea that would sustain him while he recovered, and beyond.

During his recuperation, he listened on the radio to talks given by the economist, Kesner Pharel, about sustainability in employment and how the best route to independence was to start one’s own business – and so that, in principle, is what he decided to do.

Co-incidentally, it was around this time, in January 2010, that a friend who worked as an agronomist with the Ministry of Agriculture offered to sell him some chicks to start a hatchery. Michelet decided to seize the opportunity and set up his company, Ferme Flamboyant – “launching with the intention to succeed.”

Over time the business grew and developed – it now has 18 employees – becoming a well-known supplier of chicken to supermarkets as well as retailing to individual customers. It has also added a veterinary pharmacy, and partners with smaller breeders in the development of their businesses.

For the future, Michelet’s vision is one of modernization and expansion, planning an ultra-modern processing unit, a large cold room, refrigerated trucks and in-house labelling. “We want to be Number One in our market – and through steady organic growth, that is where we are heading.”