Dieujuste Cadémus

Dieujuste Cadémus began his business career in 1997 selling motorcycles and bicycles and the business ran like a well-oiled machine until 2006, when political turmoil in Haiti forced him to flee to the United States. At that point, he really didn’t know if he could be successful again.

However, when he returned home three years later, Cadémus found he hadn’t lost his touch. He set up a little kiosk selling fizzy drinks, and when it went well he decided to try something more ambitious. That’s how Vita Bloc Vibré was born – producing concrete blocks for the construction industry.

In 2014, Cadémus’s block business began with 452 bags of cement and 13 employees. Today, two years later, it has a workforce of 24, manufactures a massive 450,000 blocks a year, and generates five times the profit it managed on start-up.

In the meantime, Cadémus also began providing tourist accommodation in the form of Vita Cabanas #1 et #2, which began with a modest three rooms and his expanded during the intervening years to 36 rooms, employing another 13 staff and injecting much-needed revenue into the local community.

Reinvestment and expansion continue to be the name of the game for Cadémus. He says his aim is to become a national contractor – still driven by the four qualities with which he started out: respect, discipline, patience and perseverance.