Nestor Thomas

NESTOR Thomas always knew that he would one day own and run his own business.  And in the best entrepreneurial traditions, seizing opportunity from the jaws of crisis, he instinctively took that step in the immediate aftermath of the 2010 earthquake – setting up a construction company, ERG.

It was a difficult and at times even chaotic climate in which to start, but there was undoubted demand for the much-needed services he was offering. So he put together a multi-disciplinary team, including engineers, computer experts, designers and labourers, and the business began cutting its teeth.

By the end of 2010 he was already employing a staff of 47 and during an equally busy 2011 that was augmented by another 23, bringing the total workforce to 70, now becoming a significant economic force in the west of the country.

Since the earthquake, as the difficult work of rebuilding the shattered infrastructure continues, ERG has already been involved in the construction of some 2,000 new homes. And with expansion inevitably in mind, Thomas recently took on three friends as investors in the company, ensuring that he will have the resources to match future demand.

“Starting this company was something I’d always wanted to do”, he says, “but being involved in the rebuilding has been very, very, satisfying. Every new building is a milestone.”