Patrick Eugène

Patrick Eugène began his career as a computer programmer working in the US where he’d done his studies, but always planning to return to his native Haiti when the business opportunity was right. That moment came in 2013. But the business wasn’t in computers – it was in solar energy.

Along with his computer qualifications, Eugène had also completed a master’s degree in renewable energy. And, the more he considered it, it was the possibilities this offered in Haiti that really caught his imagination. Haiti and solar power were made for each other, he realized.

So in 2013, Eugène (33) returned home with $2,000 in his pocket for the launch of DigitalKap, which offers a unique mix of technology and solar energy expertise. It sells solar panels, solar generators and a host of other equipment – all of which allows customers to make the best of Haiti’s sunshine.

In 2014, DigitalKap formed a partnership with US-based NRG Energy, to design and install complete solar systems on their behalf – generating significant savings on electricity for their clients and allowing them to finally take the green route and abandon dirty and expensive fossil fuels.

When it comes to innovation, however, their showpiece is Energy 24, a portable solar home generator that can be bought outright or on a pay-as-you-go basis. With this technology, says Eugène, Digitalkap can transform electricity in Haiti – bringing clean, safe and affordable solar power to three million people by 2020.