Remy Charles

REMY Charles was struck by the idea of going into the business of quail production when he went to an agricultural fair in the Dominican Republic and saw exactly how efficiently, productively and profitably it could be run.


So impressed was he that having received a detailed briefing from the entrepreneur behind the project, he promptly bought 100 quail chicks, shipped them back to his home in Carrefour, and soon the production of quail’s eggs became his main activity.


The business went well. For the sake of diversification Charles introduced pheasants, partridges and peacocks as well. In 2009, he received a major boost when he began supplying supermarkets in Port-au-Prince, and by the end of that year he was approaching his target of producing 7,000 eggs a day.


As for so many Haitian businesses, however, the earthquake of 2010 spelled disaster. Charles’ cages were destroyed and the birds went free. Those that weren’t killed were exposed to rodents and dogs and had to be destroyed.


As so often in such situations, it was the generosity of a friend that made all the difference. Charles received an unconditional loan of $6,000 USD, enough to re-start production.

Today, the farm has about 8,000 quail producing around 10,000 eggs a day, and a staff of seven – all of which he hopes to triple over the next two years.