Rony Florvil

Rony Florvil built his successful food production business on the back of a thorough knowledge of one key product – honey. After that, there was no stopping his entrepreneurial enthusiasm.

He started by buying and reselling at a profit, but the more he watched what was involved in keeping bees and extracting the honey from their hives, the more the entrepreneur in him wanted to be in control of the entire process himself.


Today, Rony Florvil National Production has more than 100 hives and is known for the fine quality of its honey. He has also branched into honey with various different flavours, amongst the most popular his delicate orange wine and his rum.


After five years in production, Florvil’s business now employs a staff of eight, and is in the process of increasing that workforce by expanding into growing peanuts, making mambas, and even producing cremas, the much-loved sweet and creamy alcoholic beverage native to Haiti.

He realizes he has a long way to go towards realizing his dream of seeing his product range on the national and international markets, but his determination is tangible.


“I need to modernize my production processes, to be more careful about cost control, and to introduce deliveries”, he says. “But these are all developments we are taking one step at a time.”