2017 Program


Final National Ceremony:

December 12th 

50 Finalistes

Dans 5 catégories.
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50 Finalists

Across 5 categories
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About Digicel Entrepreneur of the Year

The Digicel Entrepreneur of the Year Program commenced in 2010 with an aim to help build new economic foundations for Haiti by identifying, rewarding and cultivating the new business leaders of the future. Haiti continues to produce an inspirational stream of business people of all ages; men and women, who take heart from each and every small achievement – and realize too that it’s only by working together that they will ultimately make a real difference.  To date over 600 entrepreneurs have been acclaimed through a rigorous process, competing against one another, learning from one another and bit by bit forging lasting friendships – and at the same time encouraging the next wave.  It is important to show the rest of the world too that Haiti has incredible entrepreneurs and that Haiti is open for business.

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