If there’s one thing that’s certain about business it’s that “the devil is in the detail”, as the saying goes. It’s never enough to be a starter; you have to be finisher too.  A great idea is not enough unless you can apply it, shape it, scale it. That’s why this year’s theme is good advice: “Be Fit for Growth.”

While entrepreneurship may be as natural as breathing to many of us, being fit for growth is something all of us can learn, and most can do better. Most crucial of all is financial fitness – because if you don’t control your company’s finances, you do not control your business. It’s that simple.

As the global economic crisis taught us the hard way, in the long term business is about survival. It’s about turning the economic climate to your benefit in good times and in bad, and learning the joy of innovation – being ahead of the curve your competitors don’t even see coming.

You do that by staying fit. Stay financially fit by being measured and careful with your costs, even in good times. Stay strategically fit by planning your business growth to best long-term advantage. And stay market-fit by looking after your customers and ensuring they’re telling their friends.

The Digicel Entrepreneur of the Year awards program is now in its seventh year, with a diverse network of 400-plus alumni, most of whom would readily agree that even they need to spend more time in the financial “gym” – becoming leaner, stronger and more prepared to manage success.


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